Gelato Bike

Mirabelle Bakery’s Gelato Bike is out and about

During the spring and summer – and as long as the weather is for it – we are rolling out with our Gelato Bike to serve our house-made Italian gelato at selected locations in Copenhagen.

Explore the interactive map to see when and where we are serving our creamy milk ice cream.

Original Italian gelato made from raw milk

From our white and blue Gelato Bike, we serve the original and creamy Sicilian gelato made from pasteurized raw milk from our free-range and grazing cows on Farm of Ideas. Every day we pick up and transport the fresh raw milk to Guldbergsgade at Nørrebro where we carefully transform it into the flavourful milk ice cream – unmanipulated, pure and creamy.

In true Italian style, our gelato is scraped and served in cups or cones with the original spatola to enhance the wonderful creamy texture of the ice cream.  

Gelato Bike menu:

We typically offer 3-5 types of gelato depending on the season.

  • Chocolate
  • Fior de latte (pure milk ice cream)
  • Hazelnut
  • Espresso
  • Gelato with berries or fruit of the season


  • Espresso
  • Cookie crumble
  • Olive oil and salt

What about booking our Gelato Bike for your own event, maybe for a birthday or a wedding?

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