Mirabelle Dinner

Mirabelle Dinner

From 17.00 – 21.00

Mirabelle menu

6 servings
– including cold pea soup, charcuterie, a vegetable course, Mirabelle sourdough bread, two smaller pasta servings and dessert 

325 kr. per person

Cold pea soup, herbs from Farm of Ideas and BÆST Yoghurt70,-
Selection of BÆST Charcuterie185,-
Selection of BÆST Charcuterie and cheeses 265,-
Hand-stretched Mozzarella135,-
Burrata with Fava beans and Nasturtium leaves165,-
BÆST Speck, Mozzarella175,-
Salad of leaves from Farm of Ideas, seasoned with hip rose vinaigrette85,-
Macaroni with White Pork ragú , Peas and pecorino135,-
Tagliatelle with Lemon basil pesto and parmigiano135,-
Manfreds legendary Tartar with cress and egg creamMedium 115,-
Large 170,-
Grilled mackerel with capers from Pantelleria185,-

– Add a portion of Mirabelle sourdough bread
– Titone olive oil + 10 ,-
Tiramisu made with BÆST Mascarpone85,-
“Koldskål” Gelato with fresh strawberries and “kammerjunker”65,-