Mirabelle Dinner

Mirabelle Dinner

Mirabelle menu

Peas soup with housemade yougurt

Selection of BÆST Charcuterie

Grilled pak choi with n´duja butter topped with Parmesan

Tortelli with ricotta and spinach, butter emulsion and sage

Ondine with Parma ragù with Parmesan

Mirabelle sourdough bread

355 kr. per person

Must be chosen by the entire table

Hindsholm Pork crackling with tomato powder45,-
Smoked almonds or olives50,-
Mirabelle sourdough Bread and Titone Extra virgin Olive Oil 40,-
Peas soup with housemade yougurt75,-
Romaine lettuces from Farm of Ideas, 2 years Parmesan-cream and anchovy-garum95,-
BÆST hand-streched Mozzarella 135,-
BÆST Burrata with raw mushrooms and ramson oil135,-
Selection of BÆST Charcuterie195,-
Selection of BÆST charcuterie and cheese275,-
Pasta, all made fresh in house
Ondine with Parma ragù with Parmesan140,-
Bucatini with brown butter emulsion, oyster mushrooms and lemon
Meats and fish, best to share at the table
Manfreds legendary Tartar with cress and egg creamMedium 120,-
Large 185,-
Organic Gothenborg chicken on a skewer, grilled Romaine salad185,-
Tiramisú made with BÆST Mascarpone85,-
Pistachio Gelato 75,-