Mirabelle Lunch

Mirabelle Lunch

Weekdays from 11.30 – 16.00

Mirabelle Lunch menu

2 servings
-Salad from Farm of Ideas, Mirabelle sourdough bread and fresh pasta of the day

Lunch menu can be enjoyed within an hour.

195 kr. per person

Manfred’s sourdough bread with Extra Virgin Olive oil45,-
Classic Gazpacho of Farm of Ideas tomatoes, served with toasted sourdough95,-
September salad with Farm of Ideas variety of tomatoes, black olives, and capers from Pantelleria. Served with Stracciatella cheese on the side.115,-
Sourdough toast with ‘Nduja, chickpea cream, and pickled ramsons105,-
– served with a small salad
Selection of BÆST Charcuterie195,-
includes sourdough bread
Manfred’s legendary tartare with cress and egg creamM 120,-
L 185,-
Hindsholm pork “Milanese” breaded and fried with brown butter and horse radish175,-
-served with a small salad
All pasta is freshly made in house
Curvi with tomato sauce, housemade Panceta and pecorino140,-
Tripolline with Pecorino cream and black pepper 140,-
Risotto with chanterelles and Parmesan140,-
Gelato 75,-
Tiramisù made from BÆST house made Mascarpone85,-
Sicilian Cannolo with BÆST Ricotta and pistachio40,-