Mirabelle Lunch

Mirabelle Lunch

Weekdays from 11.30 – 14.30

Mirabelle Lunch menu

2 servings
-Romaine lettuces from Farm of ideas, 2 years Parmesan-cream and anchovy-garum, Mirabelle sourdough bread and fresh pasta of the day

Lunch menu can be enjoyed within an hour.

195 kr. per person

Romaine lettuces from Farm of Ideas, 2 years Parmesan-cream and anchovy-garum95,-
Selection of BÆST Charcuterie195,-
Toasted Sandwich with dijon mustard, terrine, sauerkraut and salad105,-
– can also be made cold vegan
Roastbeef of organic danish beef on ryebread with horseradish and salad115,-
Manfred’s legendary tartare with cress and egg creamM 120,-
L 185,-
All pasta is freshly made in house
Ondine with Parma ragù with Parmesan140,-
Bucatini with brown butter emulsion, mushrooms and lemon140,-
Tiramisù made from BÆST house made Mascarpone85,-
Sicilian Cannolo with BÆST Ricotta and pistachio40,-