New years Take away

New years Take away

Are you planning a festive New Year’s in 2022, but the thought of several hours in the kitchen makes you tired

Then let us do all the hard work for you and prepare your New Year’s menu this year’s eve!

We have made sure you have time for to toast and have fun with friends and family without compromising on food. As usual, everything is organic.

Orders are open until Wednesday December 28th

We have created two New years menus, one with meat and one vegetarian
If you want to spoil you guest even further you can add our famous Manfreds tartar, a selcetion of BÆST Charcuteri and Our Sommelier has also selected wines for our New Year’s takeaway to make it really easy.

As a bonus we are for the first time offering BÆST pizza also.
When you have chosen your menu you can add a frozen BÆST pizza to heat for midnight snack or enjoy on January 1st.

See our easy step by step guides to prepare the dinner: Will be available soon