Preorder our organic sourdough bread and sweet pastries

Here you can preorder our organic sourdough bread, buns, focaccia, sweet pastries, croissants and more.

You pay when you place your order and choose when you want to pick it up or have it delivered within the next six days.

For larger orders and possible delivery, please contact us at [email protected] or +45 35 35 47 24.

See the terms and conditions of our online shop here.

Get a discount and spare the environment

As always, we offer 10% off the price on your sourdough bread, if you have a Mirabelle tote bag. Enter the code mirabelletotebag (if you are purchasing half a loaf, the code is mirabelletotebaghalf) on the cart or checkout page and bring your bag with you, when you pick up your bread. If you don’t already have a bag, you can purchase one here and get 10% off any sourdough bread you purchase along with it.

When you buy a Mirabelle tote bag, you will not only get a discount on our sourdough bread but also help us reduce our use of paper bags and hereby spare the environment.

Day of pick up or delivery

Start by choosing the day of the week you wish to pick up or have your baked goods delivered. This gives you the option to choose between the products which are available on that day*.

When filling in your order information later in the order process, we ask for the date and time you wish to pick up or have your order delivered.

*You can preorder bread and pastries up to 6 days in advance.

Sorry, we're all out of baked goods for that day. Try and come by Mirabelle early for a chance to get what you need.

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