Preorder our organic sourdough bread and pastries

Preorder our organic baked goods and collect or have it delivered within the next six days. On this page you’ll find our selection of sourdough bread, focaccia, sweet pastries, croissants and much more.

Delivery in Copenhagen

Make it easy on yourself and have your order delivered. We offer delivery Tuesday – Saturday.
If you purchase for more than 1.500 DKK, we deliver your order free of charge.

Get a discount and spare the environment

As always, we offer 10% off the price on your sourdough bread, if you have a Mirabelle tote bag. Enter the code mirabelletotebag (if you are purchasing half a loaf, the code is mirabelletotebaghalf) on the cart or checkout page and bring your bag with you, when you pick up your bread. If you don’t already have a bag, you can purchase one next time you come by the bakery.

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